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Dis-ease: Don’t Disturb Your Natural Ease

We have an expression, “He or she is fighting the flu or fighting cancer.” I don’t recommend fighting with disease. That creates more disease. Instead, understand the disease. Because disease is nothing but dis-ease, disturbed ease. You were at ease and that ease got...

The Real Doctor Is Within

For a long time, Yoga was thought of as something mysterious, something fit for the so-called recluses, escapists and cave dwellers. It took a long time for the public to realize that Yoga is something that can be practiced by anybody who wants to live an easeful,...

We Are Healthy By Nature

We are gathered here to find ways and means to be healthy, holistically healthy. We don’t need to do anything to be healthy. By nature we are healthy. We were born healthy. We don’t need to be doing anything to bring in positive vibrations. Instead, we should know how...

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Kris Carr: My Yoga & Wellness Journey

In 2003, actress and photographer Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable stage four cancer. When the doctors told her that there was no medical treatment options, Kris began filming her story. Her healing path included Yoga, meditation, detox regimens and...

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The Heart of Healing

I am honored to pay tribute to Sri Swami Satchidananda (Gurudev), an extraordinary spiritual teacher who we have had the blessing of knowing. I want to talk a little bit about the work that my colleagues and I have been doing as a manifestation of the vision that I...

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Prescription for Health

Most of the diseases take their origin in over-eating, sexual excess and outbursts of anger and hatred. If the mind is kept cool and calm at all times, you will have wonderful health, strength and vitality. Energy is depleted by fits of anger. The cells and tissues...

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Ayurveda, Chiropractic and Yoga

In this interview, Dr. Michael (Muktan) Sullivan, a chiropractor and Ayurvedic doctor, discusses the relationship between chiropractic, Ayurveda and Yoga. He also reflects on all he learned from Swami Satchidananda over the years. Integral Yoga Magazine: You have been...

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What Yoga Has to Say About Health

Yoga is the original mind-body medicine that has enabled individuals to attain and maintain sukha sthanam, a dynamic sense of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The Bhagavad Gita defines Yoga as samatvam, meaning thereby that Yoga is equanimity at all levels,...

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Ayurveda and Yoga: Ancient Sister Sciences

Yoga and Ayurveda Yoga is one of the most extraordinary spiritual sciences that mankind has ever discovered. It is like a gem of great proportions, containing many facets whose light can illumine the whole of our lives with great meaning. Going back over five thousand...

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Illness vs. Wellness

“The spiritual teacher Swami Satchidananda was once asked, ‘What’s the difference between illness and wellness?’ He walked over to a blackboard [during Grand Rounds at the University of Virginia Medical Center] and wrote illness and circled the first letter, i. He...

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Health and Immunity

 It is not just one thing that creates disease. And it is not one thing that can heal us.  It takes a holistic approach. Nature has tremendous regenerative and restorative energy. Many of you may know that if a lizard loses its tail, another tail will grow. If it...

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