For 35 years, Mind & Life has supported research and dialogue at the intersection of science and contemplative wisdom to better understand the nature of the human mind. Now, to share key learnings inspired through our work, we’re pleased to announce Insights, a multimedia website featuring 18 essays by leading scholars, scientists, and contemplatives.

Explore the site to learn how we can transform our minds; the wisdom that lies in the body; why attention matters and how to cultivate it; and the use of mindfulness to promote mental health, help break the cycle of addiction, overcome othering, and more. Essays are complemented by powerful illustrations and audio-visual content from the Mind & Life archives and podcast.

“As a global community, we’re up against some very big challenges; yet reading through these essays offers a healthy dose of optimism,” writes Mind & Life President Susan Bauer-Wu. “Minds can change. Minds do change. We have the knowledge and understanding to foster greater well-being, nurture more caring and compassionate communities, and engage our hearts and minds proactively in combating climate change.”