Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

What do you want to create? If your goal is to be useful to humanity, then it’s a creative goal. In fact, simply by thinking, we’re always creating something. But, our creation, our goal, should be useful to people. With that type of goal, you can do anything you want.

The best creativity is to create within you a pure, calm, and serene mind. Create that. With that calm mind, whatever you create will be wonderful. Everything in creation is so beautiful. A rose is beautiful; a thorn attached to it is also beautiful. Rocks, the wind, the sun, the moon, rain, animals—beautiful.

The only problem is that we have the freedom to be selfish and unkind. So, the best kind of creativity you can achieve is to cultivate a soft, peaceful, gentle, kind, and loving heart. Make sure that you have that. Then, you don’t have to create anything. It will all manifest in front of you without your even wanting it.

Creativity will come by itself, and all further variations will come naturally. You don’t need to plan. You should simply be inspired; the creativity should just come without your even knowing what’s coming. You should be surprised sometimes. For example, if you want to write some music and you plan by using your  brain and say, “Oh, I should put the words here, raise the note a little up here, a little down here,” that’s intellectual music. That’s not fine art. Fine art should come from a different level, not from the head. You should be able to feel that it’s not “my art,” it’s “thy art.” That’s why it’s called fine art.

The whole creation is nature’s art, or God’s art. In a way, in God’s creation everything is neutral—nothing is bad and nothing is good. It’s all neutral. If you are good, you will use everything for good. If not, everything is for bad. It depends upon how you use it.  If you have an artistic temperament and if you are using the heart, you will see art everywhere. So, use that art to develop your heart, and then, one day, you will purify your heart.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God,” is such a beautiful teaching. A pure heart sees everything as being in its place; it accepts everything as God’s creation and it never passes judgment. What we call peace is a peaceful, balanced, tranquil heart. Blessed are those people who have that kind of heart. In that heart, the Divine within shines brilliantly. If your heart isn’t pure and peaceful, the same light gets mixed up with your coloring and covering. So, through your art, you can learn the art of making the heart pure.

Though the forms may look different, all art is the same. Everything is art. Therefore, art and spirituality are one and the same. Pure art is pure spirituality. And don’t immediately think I’m talking only about a good painter, or a photographer, or a dancer. No. Everything is an art. Cooking is an art. Eating is an art. Sleeping is an art. Talking is an art. Walking is an art. You can perform every act as an art. That’s the way it should be.

Pure art makes you to go within, to touch the very center of yourself. A living art should come from the heart. This means that you get in tune with the very center of your being. And that is the path. Go within. Then, if you experience that beauty within, you don’t even have to consciously do something as art. You don’t even have to draw something with the thought that, “I’m creating art now.” You don’t have to create art. Art gets created. It just springs out like a blossoming flower. You don’t have to do anything consciously. Your entire life becomes art.

By Sri Swami Satchidananda