The Integral Yoga Virtual Studio (IYVS), sponsored by the Integral Yoga Teachers Association, has been able to offer donation-based Hatha classes over the past few months as a way of providing support to the community during this challenging time. Now, in order to sustain their efforts, IYVS will be moving to a sliding scale fee for many of its online offerings. Starting now, students can choose a payment rate from among three options, with Hatha classes starting at just $6.

Read more about the options below:
• Community Rate: Please purchase classes at this rate if you are experiencing financial limitations or if you cannot afford the other options.
• Sustainer Rate: Purchasing classes at this rate helps to sustain the work and service of the IY Virtual Studio.
• Supporter Rate: Purchasing classes at this rate helps to sustain the IY Virtual Studio and supports thie sliding scale, making classes available for those with limited financial resources.
The sliding scale will allow the IY Virtual Studio to continue to provide affordable classes as well as financially sustain its teachers, centers, and administration.

Class packages are also a new feature to the IY Virtual Studio! Packages of five and ten classes will be available for purchase on a sliding scale rate to save students time when registering for their favorite classes. Once a package is purchased, registering for classes becomes that much easier!

See the amazing line-up of classes, programs, workshops and trainings available via the Integral Yoga Virtual Studio, hosted by Integral Yoga centers around the globe! For all current listings, please visit the Integral Yoga Virtual Studio.