Sue Swain is the founder and executive director of BioWise – a social enterprise promoting and explaining the practice of BIOMIMICRY, learning from nature. The BioWise vision is a world modeled on natural ecosystems and processes where all life thrives as part of a waste-free, inter-dependent, resourceful, resilient and regenerative system. They are on a mission to effect positive change by promoting and enabling the practice of biomimicry: i.e., of learning from and emulating life’s genius.

Swain explains: “Our purpose is to inspire and enable the uptake of biomimicry by individuals and households, by professionals and academia, by businesses and industry, by organizations and schools, by towns and communities and by municipalities and government. We believe in the value of partnerships and networking and this underpins our approach.”

This short and visually enthralling video, filmed in South Africa, features Sue Swain. It reminds us that if you can’t or don’t want to leave your comfortable urban life, get out there and be wild every now and then. By regularly doing that, you will be reminded of how much nature means to us, how much solace it can bring, how much joy and peace and hope. You will be reminded of how deeply we are connected to all living things. Dance with life!

“It is time to walk a different path. This path is not about accumulating stuff. It’s not about money and power. It’s not about dominating other living beings. And it has nothing to do with anger and hate. No, walking this path is simply about living, experiencing, and caring about this precious life and this abundant world. It is a holistic experience for the body, mind and spirit…” –Aaron Hoopes