“Climate Emergency” is an online workshop hosted by Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco and the Spiritual Action Initiative on Nov 20, 2021 (from 11 am – 12:30 pm Pacific). We are witnessing numerous world crises unfold right before our eyes, from disastrous climate events, to food and water shortages, to unheard of political and economic polarization. Can we separate our personal spiritual growth from our participation in the world community? Join us for this program to analyze together the impact of our personal choices and le arn about specific steps we can take now to make a difference. By taking personal responsibility now, we can together help alleviate much suffering and experience the peace that comes from compassionate action.

The Spiritual Action Initiative (SAI) is an interfaith group dedicated to supporting the earth and its inhabitants through education, action and advocacy for personal and policy-wide changes in our society. By approaching challenging issues through the eyes of love, nonviolence, and truth telling, we act from a heart-centered awareness of our inherent peace and oneness to benefit all beings.  www.spiritualactioninitiative.org