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The World is Your Projection

The entire world is nothing but your projection. Each person sees the world with his or her own color, and that’s their world. You cannot insist and say that things are this way or that way just because this is the way you see it. The other person will always say,...

Why Do We Forget Who We Really Are?

Recently, someone asked a question: “If peace and unconditional love are our natural state, why is it that we have forgotten? We have forgotten because we’ve been given the free will to forget. You are free to choose either way. Peace is our nature no doubt, but we...

Karma: It Is In Your Hands

Karma, according to the Sanskrit terminology, has two meanings: Any action is called karma and the reaction of the action is also called karma. So a karma will bring a karma—meaning, an action has its own reaction. Cause and effect, action and reaction, they’re...

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