Photo by Mariana Blue from Pexels

Have you ever seen your own face? No. What you see in a mirror is not your face. It’s a reflection. If, to your great surprise, your face looks horrible and distorted in the mirror, do you jump up and run to the hospital? No, you get another mirror. You know that the problem is with the mirror and not your face. A distorted mirror will make your face appear distorted. To see your face as it really is, you need a clean, straight mirror.

In a glass mirror, you can see your face. But what is the mirror with which you can see your True Self? The mind. The mind is the mirror of the Self. Your True Self is never ugly, never restless, never dirty; it is Divine. If the mind is clean and straight, you see a true picture of yourself; you see yourself as peaceful and happy. But when the mind becomes agitated or distressed, you see a distorted reflection of your Self and think you yourself are horrible.

When people take themselves to be their disturbed minds, they want to escape that horrible reflection immediately. Some buy tranquilizers, some drink, and some take drugs. We have instant coffee and instant tea, why we think we should have instant tranquility and bliss. We want our bodies to be organic and try to eat organic foods. Shouldn’t our minds be organic also? Why use chemicals? Whether it is a pill, a fix, a drink, whatever, the tranquility it brings is chemically produced. Bliss is natural. You don’t need to get or create bliss, you are bliss.

You don’t have to do anything to keep the mind calm. It’s like a bowl of water. Should you do anything to keep the water peaceful? Just leave it alone. Let it be. That’s the song you sing. The very same thing has been said in all faiths. Let it be. So be it. Amen. You don’t need to become anything. All you have to do is to be.

People often ask me, “What religion are you? You talk about the Bible, Koran, Torah. Are you a Hindu?” I say, “I am not a Catholic, a Buddhist, or a Hindu, but an Undo. My religion is Undoism. We have done enough damage. We have to stop doing any more and simply undo the damage we have already done.”

If I ask the question, “Who are you?” and record all the answers I get, the list would read something like, “I am a man; I am a woman; I am Black; I am White; I am slim; I am fat; I am a doctor; I am a philosopher.” If you write all these answers one below the other, take a long cardboard and cover the first two words I am, you see man, woman, Black, White, slim, fat, doctor, philosopher. If you move the cardboard and cover the other half, you see, I am, I am, I am, I am. We all agree on the first half and disagree on the second. I am means I am. Not that I was or I will be. I am, right now, in the present.

Anything you call “mine” is not you. “My house” is not me, “my hand” is not me. “My body” is not me then, either. If it is me, how can I say “my body”? When we identify ourselves as the mind or the body, we say things like, “I was happy. Now I am depressed.” When you are depressed or excited, pull back and ask, “Who is depressed? Who is excited? Me? Certainly not. It must be my mind.” The minute you stop identifying yourself with your mind, it’s as if a main switch has been turned off and the agony is gone. You become the person who is witnessing things. You don’t need to get lost in your ups and downs and you recognize who you truly are in your innermost Self.

By Sri Swami Satchidananda