Let us know that in Truth you are the Divine Image, the image of God. Somehow the veil of the ego prevents you from realizing this. Just remove that veil. It is that veil that is the basis for all these mental dramas. It creates all kinds of problems, troubles, anxieties and fears. So please, if anybody has that self-centered or selfish ego, say, “E-go.” Don’t welcome any selfishness anymore. Once that goes away you become humble and your mind will be totally under your control. You will become the master.

I’m not going to stipulate certain practices to achieve this, do anything you want. But see that your mind remains in that tranquility, that purity, that neutrality. No Guru can ever take some Light and put it into you or bring God to you. And there’s no need for them to do that because you have it already. If you were to get it from them you might lose it one day. Instead, you have it—know you are that. The Guru only helps you know it.

If you really give yourself totally, your Guru will swallow you up one day. You will lose your sense of separateness and thus they will make you a Guru. What happens to a drop of water when it falls into the sea? It loses its name “drop,” and the form of drop, but it becomes the sea. You see?You fail to notice that Light because of the unclean or selfish ego and the mental disturbances it causes. So purify the mind; control the mind. Or, first control the body and the prana [life force] and when they are calmed, the mind will be calmed automatically. Then nothing can hide the Truth from you. If you are that pure, you are blessed. Then the God in you shines out. You know that you are God and others know that you are God.

So may that great Guru, the omnipresent Guru who is everywhere, shine from all angles by your refinement. May that Guru express through your own purity, humility, charity and generosity so the whole world could enjoy peace through you. That is my sincere wish and prayer. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

~Excerpted from The Guru Within by Swami Satchidananda