March is Women’s History Month and while honoring women who came before us, this article highlights some of the changemakers making an impact today.

As a male growing up in modern western culture, I’ve been encouraged all my life to look to heroes for inspiration. What was implied from a young age, in the same vein as the idea that boys shouldn’t play with barbie dolls, is that all my heroes should be just that… heroes, not heroines. At some point a few years back, I realised that there was a category distinctly missing from my mind. I would hazard a guess that it’s a category missing from many male minds. Who are my favourite heroines of today?

I am a media-maker with a personal interest in helping people heal, grow and evolve so the following list may seem a bit skewed towards media-makers and change-makers. So, with that disclaimer, here’s my list of the most powerful voices that I personally feel everyone on Earth would do well to listen to; especially the fifty percent of us (the males) who have not even noticed that we aren’t listening to women enough. Read more here.