Who needs meditation? Not those who meditate the moment they sit and close their eyes. If you are already restful and peaceful, why meditate? Meditation is a sort of medication that is needed only when you feel sick. It helps those whose minds are restless. So don’t get disappointed if you are unable to meditate right away. Nothing worthwhile is achieved overnight. You had to crawl before you could even stand up and only then did you learn to walk and run. Meditation is like that. First we learn to concentrate by continually bringing the mind back as it runs here and there. It is a constant struggle, but gradually you get used to keeping it in one place and then meditation happens.

If we know why we want to meditate, it becomes easy. Usually it’s because we are sick and tired of running around, looking for happiness outside of ourselves, in wealth, possessions, name, and fame. You have to become sick before you seek. Then you will naturally become hungry and thirsty for the truth; if you don’t, Mother Nature will do if for you by providing a lot of problems. All the obstacles and pain that we face help us to find the gain. Looking for peace happens only when you know you are missing it.

It becomes easier to meditate, when you have a keen interest in meditation. When you become tired of all other things, it’s easy to create that interest. The mind runs to what it loves more. If you develop a loving relationship with meditation, the mind will stop running here and there and you will no longer be disappointed with your practice.

~Sri Swami Satchidananda