Photo: Laurence Candy is not only giving up farming animals, he is looking to get vegan accreditation.

Recently, BBC News reported that after one UK dairy farmer lost most of his dairy herd to bovine tuberculosis that he decided he would no longer send animals to the slaughterhouse. “It made me wonder if we can justify the industrial slaughter of sentient beings,” says the 50-year-old looking back on the event in 2017. “As a society, we have to question this.” The BBC also reported that: “The statistics bear out his comments. The number of vegans in Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019, according to a survey for the Vegan Society.


“Meanwhile, almost half (49%) of Britons are now limiting their meat consumption, or not eating it at all, found research this year from market research group Mintel. This was up from 41% in 2020. It comes at the same time as the National Food Strategy, an independent review, said last year that the UK’s current appetite for meat was “unsustainable”. It concluded that intake needed to fall by 30% to help improve the environment. This call to reduce meat consumption, and a parallel increased interest in veganism, is replicated around the world.

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