Integral Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) and OfferingTree SBC officially announced a strategic partnership to connect ITYA’s network of Yoga instructors with Offeringtree’s suite of digital marketing tools, enabling IYTA members and graduates to more easily communicate with their students and clients. The partnership will initially offer OfferingTree services to IYTA members and graduates at a discounted price and will expand to offer a teacher and event directory to the IYTA website.

The enhanced directory will not only surface basic information about IYTA members and graduates but also events, retreats, workshops and blog posts they have linked to their OfferingTree accounts. “I’m really excited about this partnership because both organizations can bring a lot of value to the other,” said Eddie Arpin, CEO of OfferingTree. “We are looking forward to helping IYTA’s graduates and members market their services online and giving them the tools they need to succeed in today’s world.”

Integral Yoga Teachers Association Director Avi Gordon also shared, “This is exactly the type of benefit we’re looking to offer our teachers. OfferingTree is an extremely useful platform for helping Yoga Instructors stay organized, and better serve their community of students.”