2019 has already been full of inspiration and blessings inside Yogaville. The New Year’s Silent Retreat was beautiful and full to capacity, like last year. Just following the retreat there was a special visit by Sri Swami Marudachalam Adigalar, the spiritual head of the Perur Ashram in South India, where Swami Satchidananda briefly served as manager of the Perur Temple as a young man. Revered Adigalar has been closely associated with Swami Satchidananda and Yogaville for many decades. During his visit, he graced everyone with his presence, satsangs, and a house blessing for Karuna and Asangan Binstock who recently built a home in Yogaville. Special thanks to Pushpa & Jai Ryan for arranging this visit to Yogaville and to all who offered their seva.

(photo: Binstocks honor Sri Adigalar with a  traditional brocade shawl. Photos and video courtesy of Jeff Ananda Kamen)