Service in Satchidananda (SIS) is a non-profit international network of charities established in honor of Sri Swami Satchidananda and based on his core teaching of seva, or selfless service. SIS funds global projects that are working in a sustainable way and giving back to their local communities—such as SIS-India, which brought the first running water to the village of Chettipalayam, India. SIS also assisted with rescue supplies during the most recent flooding in South India.

One of our main projects was building earthquake proof houses in Nepal, in areas that were left devastated after the earthquake in 2015. SIS has built soup kitchens and sports fields in Tanzania, along with supporting local people with basic needs.

SIS also offers educational sponsorships to children in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Tanzania.

Each Christmas, SIS-Spain/Gibraltar/Portugal, SIS-UK, SIS-USA, and SIS-Hong Kong provide food, clothing, and toys to families in need in their local communities.

SIS funds the Satchidananda Prison Project (distributing free books on Yoga and spirituality to prisons in the USA), medical camps (eye surgeries and heart bypass operations in India).

SIS is supported by donors, along with a team of international volunteers and affiliate organizations, which includes AKIN Charity (Association for Kids in Need) and Vida Util, a Spanish-based non-governmental organization that provides education sponsorships and medical resources to people in Nepal; C.A.S.A., a Portuguese charity supporting under privileged families, elderly and the homeless throughout Portugal; and the Swami Satchidananda Trust in India, which sponsors free medical camps and other services.

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