Question: How can I overcome a feeling of powerlessness and change my life?

Swami Satchidananda: Put in some power! The reason you feel powerless is because there‘s not enough vital energy in you. Pranayama practice will fill you with more vital energy. And, you can add one more thing; faith in God. God is the highest energy, an infinite energy. Even though God is given different names and forms, in essence, God has no name and no form. God’s energy is a trillion volts. That electricity is everywhere. There’s no place without that energy current.

In Sanskrit we call it shakti. Everything moves by the same electricity, but to use it, you have to first gather it; that’s why we have electrical stations. After it’s gathered, it travels into our home through wires. If it were to come in by itself, you would get burned and that’s why you need a step down transformer. The current is stepped down and then comes into you house as less voltage so that it can be used safely. You cannot use the main energy itself because if you do, all the gadgets will get burnt.

The infinite God is the cosmic energy or shakti power current. The gathering places are the various churches, synagogues, and temples. You go there, make a little connection and you get some current. If you say, “I’m not satisfied with a little current, I want the whole current,” you’ll become ash. That’s why even God could not do anything without his son Christ. He sent himself as the Christ who is a step down transformer.

So, communicate with the original power. When that power is gathered, it makes a huge sound, “Ommmm.” If you go near a transformer you’ll hear a humming sound. Om is the word that you say but the real sound is “hummmm.” That is God’s sound. How do you connect yourself to God’s sound? You do it with the help of another sound. That’s why you repeat a mantra. You keep repeating it and you develop sound energy in your body and that sound energy is able to communicate with the higher sound, God. It’s all connected with shakti.

The entire universe is nothing but a power source and that power source expresses itself as hum and that hum forms itself into atoms and atoms form into bodies. Our bodies are nothing but a combination of atoms. If tomorrow, all our bodies were to be put into a machine and crumbled up, they would all break down into atoms. In that way we are all one and the same even though we look different. We are all products of atoms; the Bible calls it Adams! So with a sound, you can connect with the higher sound. It’s a sound practice, is it not? There’s no need to feel powerless. You can get all the power you need by connecting yourself to the higher force that we call God. Learn to connect yourself to the source and receive tremendous power.