The LOTUS has been under repair due to ongoing leakage issues. The Italian glass tiles that originally adorned the exterior petals had to be removed years ago due to adverse effects from the the freeze/thaw winter conditions that caused leaking. The original waterproofing membrane was meant to be a temporary protective covering, but due to a pressing schedule to complete the construction for the grand opening in 1986, the membrane wasn’t replaced—leading to the current situation. The current restoration project is focused on waterproofing and protecting the LOTUS petals. A top quality professional team has been identified to assist. Additionally, a LOTUS Task Force has been formed to organize and manage the repair project, plan ongoing maintenance and fundraising to support the care of this beloved shrine. The Task Force (see photo) is led by: Jeeva Abbate and includes Priya Abbate, Ganesh MacIsaac, Karuna Marcotte, Swamis Dayananda and Jyotirmayananda, and Rev. Siva Moore, assisted by Elle Anandi. For more information or to get involved, you can email the Task Force and you can also donate here to support the LOTUS.