Krishna Das conducted his annual “Yoga of Devotion” retreat during Memorial Day weekend in Yogaville. The hugely popular program immediately sold-out, as it does each year. During the retreat, KD took some time to join with Yogaville Environmental Solutions (YES) to visit the Union Hill Baptist Church. YES and Union Hill have become allies of the heart in the struggle to stop the ACP before it shatters the environment and threatens lives.

Krishna Das sang during the weekly interfaith service that YES and Union Hill have been offering as they stand together against the ACP. Members of the congregation, including Pastor Paul Wilson, took to their feet in appreciation of the rousing set. The kirtan featured traditional Indian chant as well as such old time Christian favorites as “Jesus on the Main Line” and “Shine.”

Responding to the exuberance of the Yogaville visitors to the Christian songs, Pastor Paul seemed well pleased and concluded the event with a beautiful public declaration. He said that spending time in Yogaville had changed his way of thinking about spirituality and he recommended that everyone should follow his example and visit Yogaville. “I am a Baptist,” roared the joyful minister. “I was born a Baptist and I will die a Baptist. But Yogaville has shown me that really, we are all one.”

(Krishna Das chanting; Swami Dayananda, director of YES and Pastor Paul Wilson, pictured standing; report/photo by Bill Geoghegan and Jeff Ananda Kamen)