With a mission to bring spiritual teachings into music, Brazilian artist, Chandra Lacombe, weaves the wisdom of the Eastern Traditions together with the spirituality and mythology of the South American Medicine Path. Recording and releasing music since the early 1990s, Chandra has released over ten albums, including `Musica das Esferas´ (1992), ’Terra à Vista’  (1994) and ‘Matutu’ (2000) with his band Udiyana Bandha. He has also released music with Brazilian master musician, Carioca, including the releases ‘Meeting in the Forest’, ‘Shanti Alegria’ and ’Celebration’, by now all classics in the worldwide spiritual community. Approaching music as an alive spirit, Chandra’s music touches the soul through the powerful healing frequency of the heart.

Growing up in Brazil, I started to play drums and percussion instruments around the age of 12. I went through the traditional Samba school education and soon began to immerse in the Brazilian art and music movement. My awakened interest in spirituality and Yoga led me from an early age from the Age of Aquarius style communities, as well to the fusion of modern western psychology and therapy and eastern traditions of Sufism, Zen Buddhism and Hinduism. I found it a very interesting approach. It was also like some kind of counterculture attitude—that I was playing out against the conditioned patterns found in society.

It is probably the same open approach and curiosity that led me to explore and combine eastern and western musical traditions using them even in an almost therapeutic context in my  concerts and workshops. Through my music I try to touch the hearts of people to kindle that flame of devotion inside. This is my own way of serving my purpose in life… Inspiring people to feel closer to their souls and lead them to merge with that inner source of truth. I feel sometimes my music is a source of soul nourishment… It’s a soulful commitment that I have, music and my spiritual journey. My music comes as a messenger for my own insights on spirituality and how it unfolds in my life.

The inspiration behind my devotional journey and path, is quite tricky to define. The source can be complicated to translate with words. In some aspects, these ways of inspiration come to me in moments that I can feel I am somehow still. And, of course, through contemplating nature. Or paying attention to my own breath. The inspiration of my devotional path, is a combination of many different sources.

One thing is that for many years already, I have been a seeker. I have this commitment to the deep understanding of my purpose and my music. I always felt that I was working, not as a regular composer or songwriter, but more like a channel. So this is also the reflection of deep work of inner alchemy of my own Self. The vibration that I translate with music, somehow becomes an insight and the insight unfolds into a new composition in itself. The music gives shapes that are beyond cognition. That is beyond the cognitive reach. It is the experience of devotion that translates from my heart. The music gives shape to it.

It’s hard to assume what lies ahead. The future to my “mission” as an artist/musician who attempts to lift up the listener, is in the hand of the Great One. However, I have the feeling that the “demand” for this type of music (one that bears the essence of spiritual awakening message and the healing vibration in it), is yet to be acknowledged by the large number of people who wonder about the true “spiritual” purpose in this very life we all are walking through.

I cannot take my gift, and the divine inspiration, for granted. I can only set myself in prayer, crying for a clear guidance on how I should keep my devotional connection (which eventually could get shaken by the intricacies of the ego), in steady condition. Nevertheless, I am confident with the steps that were taken on being more willing to reach out, while I continue pursuing the current pace towards the polishing of my musical work technically and energetically.

I am eternally grateful to all musicians and the whole team involved in the orchestration of the album “JAYA.” As we are talking on this point, I feel it is a never-ending process of paving the road that leads to the improvement of this work… The final result has all to do with the tireless and sincere engagement on being in true alignment to the noble purpose of providing an art which serves as a tool for bettering this world and all of us the human beings traveling onboard of this wonderful Planet Earth across the infinite.

May we join our forces to manifest the “Vision”, restoring values as Universal Love, solidarity, peaceful coexistence between religions and diverse viewpoints, harmony with Nature and its laws to mention a few of them. So I am ending it simply expressing Gratitude to my listeners, these special people who feel and believe in that which was stated here, without whom all of it wouldn’t ever come true. Dandavat pranams to my Master and the Spirit of Music. Forever and ever more! Om Tat Sat.