Yes. If you want it, you are seeking from outside. When you know you are already enlightened, you won’t seek. So seeking something means you have forgotten yourself. You have to realize yourself, not seek yourself. That is Self-realization. You realize who you are, and then you don’t have to seek outside. The minute you want something, you have missed the joy. Who is the most joyful person? The one who doesn’t want anything. Even with enlightenment, even with God. If you still want God, then you don’t know who you are.

There is a proverb, “Waste not, want not.”  I like to change it a little to want not, waste not. Don’t waste your life by wanting something. Let the wants, want you. Instead of your wanting the wants, let the wants, want you. When will the wants want you? When you don’t want anything. Sounds like philosophy. This is also what the Bible says: “Seek the kingdom first and everything else will be added unto you.” Seek that kingdom within you. When you realize that, you don’t want anything else. Then everything wants you. Everything else will be added unto you.

Do you know how to make gold? We can all make gold. When and how? Be contented. “Contentment is golden,” we say. Just be still, happy, peaceful. So enlightenment is not given to you by anybody. And you are not going to get it by searching outside. You are already enlightened. Know that. Know that, by knowing which, you will know everything else. That’s what you call knowledge. What is knowledge?  Knowing without any ledge. No ledge is knowledge. So let us learn how to know ourselves.

If I say, tell me who you are, what do you say? “I’m a boy,” “I’m a girl,” “I’m Japanese,” “I’m American”—all kinds of additions. Without any additions, without any identity, who are you? Just I. Just be an I, don’t dentify it. When you identify, you are I-dentifying. Have you ever seen a dentist? Until you grow teeth, you don’t dentify. You are a baby. That’s why babies are still with God, as God. The minute they begin to dentify, they start biting everything.

For the sake of convenience, you can use the identity, but don’t really become that identity. We need an identity otherwise we won’t even have mail coming to us. But use it, don’t become that. You are just the super “I.” Don’t add anything to that “I”. If you add even a small dot over the “I” what does it become? The big “I” stands alone. The little “i” has a dot over it and that dot makes it a small “i.” So don’t put any dot. That means no identification. Pure “I.” It’s the spot that makes you small. So remove it completely. Become spotless. If you can’t become spotless by yourself, use a spot remover. What is a spot remover? Yoga. Yoga is the best spot remover. Once the spot is removed, you are a big, great, capital “I.” Let us all become that capital “I”.

By Sri Swami Satchidananda