In 1995, I started teaching regular Integral Yoga classes in a Therapy Center. Four years later, I moved my instruction to a cultural center and then eventually an old school, which auspiciously was in room 108! Even though it had always been my dream to create an Integral Yoga Center, I felt reluctant because I was concerned about financing it comfortably. I wanted to share Yoga, not worry about how to pay my rent. But God and Guru had a plan and took over. Gently but firmly, I was guided in the right direction, inspired and given all the strength needed to make this dream finally come true. I received so much support from my landlord, the craftsmen, and everyone else involved. They must have felt the great spirit behind their service. Also, I want to give a special thank you to my beloved parents. It was their love and generosity that allowed me to design the center with my heart. The result is what you see. Our Integral Yoga sangha and I are endlessly grateful for our new home. Thank you God and thank you Sri Gurudev Swami Satchidananda, the ones whom are really running the show!   (Photo: Integral Yoga Zentrum/Integral Yoga Centre sign on building; below, classroom views).

By Heike Amma Farkas