The invitation: Open up your heart and feel grateful for this day, the beauty of this planet, the people we meet. How? By focusing on the positive aspects rather than the negative. By showing who other people are, in all their individual specialness rather than focusing on lecturing and “finger-wagging” to “not judge others” is the way to open people’s hearts organically and show our humanity to the people of different beliefs, capabilities, colors, ethnicities, religions that walk on this earth, with us. The more you see the real person, the less likely you will objectify them as a “category,” as a “group” to hate.

Watching this amazing little movie, we guarantee you will feel a bit more love in your heart, and love life a little more. If you are feeling depressed, or is finding it difficult to feel positive — which is all of us at some moments — this short movie will heal your heart just a little bit.

Enjoy it!
– Spoken Word & Music Montage created and composed by Gary Malkin
– Narration Written and Spoken by Brother David Steindl-Rast