Grateful Living is the new online home for what was formerly The new link is: The upleveled website will serve as your new sanctuary and support for living life more gratefully. We are eager to welcome you into this sacred online space. The new website is part of an even bigger vision that Grateful Living is bringing to fruition.

Ever since this nonprofit organization was founded by Br. David Steindl-Rast and friends 22 years ago, their work has sought to fulfill its original purpose of serving a global community with online support for offline grateful] living. And over the years, as the vision matured, Grateful Living developed much more understanding about the practices and benefits of living gratefully, as well as many additional, powerful “offline” ways of supporting Grateful Living as a way of life.

In the spirit of this evolution of this work, some of their upcoming changes include the following:

  • Simplifying the name from A Network For Grateful Living to Grateful Living so as to center on the powerful practice they exist to share and support. They are excited to keep Grateful Living at the heart of everything we are, and everything we do.
  • The primary website address (URL) will shift from to Grateful is embedded within all the ways in which we are known.
  • They have added guided pathways for exploring the practice of Grateful Living. The vast library of content has been reorganized to provide tailored support and to help you more readily discover what you might be seeking. In response to many requests, they have increased our audio and video features. And as you navigate the website you will find new interactive tools and improvements to some of your old favorites.
  • They now have their own community platform integrated into the website, allowing for greater engagement, interaction, and sharing. If you have a profile on the old website, your login information will work seamlessly on the new site and community space.

From our wide range of website offerings, courses, and programs to in-person workshops and trainings, from Grateful Gatherings to inspiring books and products, Grateful Living is better prepared and resourced than ever to share the gifts of Grateful Living in more sustainable ways for a wider, more diverse global community.