The Give Back Yoga Foundation supports and funds research-based, clinically tested Yoga programs for marginalized populations. We also provide supplies to help kickstart Yoga programs, inspiring grassroots social change and community cooperation in under-resourced areas. Join us in sharing the transformational benefits of Yoga with the world, one person at a time.


The Give Back Yoga Foundation offers  many programs:





How Can I Serve?

GBYF also offers a free online training that invites yogis, yoga teachers and studios to become the change that heals this world, that helps build a foundation for becoming a Yoga service teacher. This course is taught by master teachers whose field-tested Yoga programs provide healing to underserved populations.

This course was created through a partnership between Here to Be, a community-based social impact program of lululemon athletica, and the Give Back Yoga Foundation, a national 501(c)3. This course provides the knowledge and resources to get you into action and contribute to the Yoga service movement in your own unique way.

To support the service of Give Back Yoga, visit the donation page here.