Child smelling flowerWhat makes the mind dirty? All the dirty thoughts. Because the mind is nothing but a bunch of thoughts. When the thoughts are clean, the mind is clean. When the thoughts are ugly with jealousy, hatred, or vengeance,  the mind becomes that.  And a dirty mind makes a dirty body. Yes, the minute you see someone you say, “Look at that crook.” Because you see the person’s face which shows their crooked mind.

Your thoughts are expressed in your body. “Ah, look at that happy baby.” When the mind is happy, the face looks happy. When the mind is sad, the face looks sad. So everything that you think is transformed into your body. We can learn a lot from a child. Why? Because a child has a pure heart. The child doesn’t get agitated over anything. A child just smiles so easily, so beautifully.

How beautiful the face of a child is. It is Divine. It glows without any make-up. Children don’t need any make-up because their hearts are clean and their faces show it. Their faces are the expression of their pure hearts. But unfortunately, we don’t stay like that. Somehow we get spoiled. The mind gets all mixed up, and the beauty is gone. Then you have to find the beauty from outside, through cosmetic beauty. The child has Cosmic beauty. How long can you live with only this cosmetic beauty? It is not permanent, so make your mind  beautiful, like a child’s, and you will again reflect that Cosmic beauty.  ~Sri Swami Satchidananda