On March 19, 2022, the Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco will host a satsang from 5 – 6 pm Pacific (8 – 9 pm Eastern) on the topic: Compassionate Activism. Encountering others who have perspectives on racial or social justice that are very different from our own can be uncomfortable. But if faced with equanimity and an understanding of our True Nature, these moments can contribute to our spiritual growth as well as to the creation of a world in which all beings can experience peace, joy, love and light.

In this satsang, Rev. Kamala Itzel Hayward will share some skills on how to use the teachings of Yoga in difficult conversations so that you can maintain your peace, build common ground, and ultimately help to create a world that works for all. The gathering will include time for Q & A and will conclude with a brief meditation.

Satsang, a special time for us to come together as a community. In Sanskrit, Sat means truth and Sangha means community. Satsang offers an opportunity to come together to share spiritual teachings. The philosophy of Integral Yoga is explored, often through an informal discussion. Although spiritual paths may diverge, the act of sharing spiritual teachings with others is inspiring and creates a solid foundation for continued practice. People of all faiths are welcome. More info and registration details here.

About Rev. Kamala:

After practicing law for 13 years, Rev. Kamala Itzel Hayward left her successful legal career to pursue social justice and antiracism work through the lens of mindfulness and wellness. Today, she is an Integral Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, and Yoga teacher trainer. She has shared Yoga with trauma survivors—including underhoused individuals, combat veterans, and survivors of human trafficking—since 2010. She was a Stress Management Specialist for Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease and currently teaches for Dr. Ornish non-profit organization, the Preventive Medicine Research Institute. In addition to sharing Yoga and other transformational practices, Kamala is also a mindful communication trainer, an antiracism educator, and a fierce and compassionate advocate for love. You can learn more about Kamala at attunedliving.com.