Undoism.com launches

Have a spiritual question? Get clear answers to life’s big questions via the new website: Undoism.com. SISProject.org is pleased to announce the launch of Undoism.com, featuring “Ask Undoism” – a real-time question-and-answer option.

“Undoism” (trademark pending) is a term coined in 1973 by Swami Satchidananda that summarizes the practical spiritual approach he taught in order to undo everything that seems to veil or disturb our essential nature of peace and happiness.

“We can’t get peace and happiness by doing something. It’s time to undo all we have done to disturb our essential nature of peace and happiness.”
–Swami Satchidananda

As he traveled the globe as a Yoga master and world spiritual teacher, Swami Satchidananda was often asked what his religion was. He would usually reply: “Undoism.” Then, he would explain:

“We don’t need to do anything to be happy. We are happiness itself. We have done many things to disturb the mind and that has only brought unhappiness. We have forgotten our child-like innocence. Babies aren’t ‘doings’ but are Beings. When you undo all the conditioning, all the imposed limitations, problems and disturbances, then you will see yourself as you essentially are: pure peace and happiness.

“Thousands of years ago, the Vedas plainly said that to realize your True Self you need not do anything. Rather, undo all that is non-essential to who you are and your essence will be revealed. This is why I call my religion, ‘Undoism.’ We’ve done enough damage by too many ‘isms’ and ‘do-isms.’ Let’s undo all the becoming and just be.”

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