A. Articles

1. Overview

2. Why I Built the LOTUS

3. All Faiths Yantra

4. The Mystical Geometry and Sacred Design of the LOTUS 

B. Website:
For more about the LOTUS click below:
(Photo of the website www.lotus.org & when you click on it, opens the website in another window.)

C. Books
1. LOTUS: Light Of Truth Universal Shrine
Available from IYMagazine.org: http://tinyurl.com/d56lcu

D. Video
1. “Tour of LOTUS”
This short video, recorded by a local television station, gives a short overview about the philosophy behind the LOTUS and gives a tour of the Shrine. This was filmed while renovations (including repainting & repairing the fountains) were underway for the LOTUS 20th anniversary.

2. “The Fountains at LOTUS”

The beautiful 170-foot long reflecting pool with fountains in front of the LOTUS. At each end of the pool is a raised pond. Water rises through the center of a large carved granite lotus flower in each pond and flows over a spillway into the reflecting pool and circulates up again.

3. “The Bells at LOTUS”

Swiss bells chime three times daily from the cupola of the Light Of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS) to signal the formal meditation times in the multifaith community surrounding the LOTUS.

4. “Fireworks at LOTUS”
Beautiful display of fireworks over the Light Of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS, the world’s first interfaith shrine) in Central Virginia on July 4th.