(Photo: Dzogchen Rinpoche)

Andrew Holecek (author, Buddhist scholar and teacher), recently shared the following message with students in his online course, “Bardos in Everyday Life.”

Hi friends, I received this teaching and prayer from Dzogchen Rinpoche to contemplate. A Tibetan dharma friend told me that she refers to the virus as Corona Rinpoche—because it is teaching her so much. To which I suggested, Karuna Rinpoche—where karuna translates as “compassion.”

Mingyur Rinpoche, after his near-death experience, bowed in gratitude to his sickness as his Guru saying: “To you, my beloved Guru Illness of Infinite Compassion, I bow with one hundred thousand prostrations; to you who guided me to the ultimate truth, who clarified my understanding, who unlocked boundless love, I offer gratitude. Forever.”

In our first session [of the course] we talked about the importance of Right View. Mingyur Rinpoche and Dzogchen Rinpoche share the right view, as lofty as it may be.

A Teaching and Prayer from Dzogchen Rinpoche

This virus crushes our mountainous pride.
This virus slays our lustful greed.
This virus awakens us from our ignorant sleep.
This virus reminds us of our renunciation and sorrow.
This virus reminds us of death and impermanence.
This virus teaches us to practice goodness and avoid wrongdoing.
This virus spurs us to create merit, purify obscurations, seclude ourselves, and recite mantras.
This virus inspires compassionate bodhichitta.
This virus is like a virtuous friend.
This virus is like the holy Dharma.
This virus is like a righteous discipline.
This virus teaches us proper hygiene and sanitation.
This virus reminds us of the kindness of doctors.
This virus grants the mantle of heroism.
This virus teaches us how to move carefully and stay still.
This virus shows us how to eat and drink.
This virus teaches us to recognize happiness and well-being.
This virus leads us to be friendly and kind.
The virus opens the door to democracy.
This virus pacifies conflict and war.
This virus paves the way to world peace.
May the misfortune of this virus transform into lucky good fortune!
May this awful virus become the path to enlightenment.
May these horrible circumstances and obstacles be pacified.
May our evil karma, negativity, and obscurations be purified.

(Translated by Heidi Nevin; “Bardos in Everyday Life” course sponsored by Boulder Shambhala Center)