The new book Yoga Therapy for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Fiona Agombar is aimed at Yoga therapists and Yoga teachers, this detailed book presents unique ways to harness energy for fatigue conditions such as exhaustion, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and stress with the help of Yoga therapy.

Split into four parts, the book discusses how modern-day living exacerbates stress and how it manifests itself, how healing can be approached from a yogic perspective, the solutions that Yoga provides, as well as step-by-step guidance to different Yoga practices developed by the author – such as breathing and meditation – that help with these issues. Accessible and containing easy-to-follow instructions, Yoga Therapy for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome shares ancient teachings from the East that have the power to help alleviate the growing source and symptoms of fatigue.




About the Author:

Fiona Agombar specialises in teaching live online yoga for all fatigue conditions. This includes CFS/ME, exhaustion from stress and post-Covid19 fatigue. Fiona uses mantra, breathwork and very gentle movements to create space to ground and soothe the nervous system so that energy can flow more effectively. In this way peace, vitality, well-being and a deep sense of safety arise, whilst the student is guided towards the silent presence of their true nature.  Fiona teaches in the Krishnamacharya Tradition and is accredited as an advanced Yoga teacher by the British Wheel of Yoga.