In this conversation, Heike Farkas (director, Integral Yoga Germany) and Avi Gordon (director, IYTA) discuss how to shift our attitude toward challenges, the practice of humility, and the importance of having fun. Heike Amma Farkas has been practicing Yoga since the late 1980s. Auspiciously, she met Swami Satchidananda in 1990 when she was working on a ship bound for Alaska. She opened an Integral Yoga Center near Munich in 1999. Watch here.
Quotes from the Conversation:
* Don’t ever be ashamed of anything.
* There’s no failure. Every mistake is a stepping stone.
* Sometimes [I’m meant to] make a mistake for the other person[‘s benefit].
* When we’re willing to show vulnerable spots we’re less prone to be attacked.
* If [something]’s fun, the success is right behind it.