Behind the names and forms, there is the universal life or immanent God. Try to feel the reality underneath the forms. Scorn not the tiny creatures or the undeveloped beings. The same life that throbs or pulsates in you is throbbing in all creatures. Realize your identity and intimate relationship with all creatures. All forms belong to God. Look at a tree or a shrub, a dog or a cat and endeavor to behold, behind the veil of form, the real hidden life or consciousness behind and underneath the form. If you practice like this for some time, you will derive inexpressible joy. All hatred will cease. You will develop cosmic love and unity of consciousness. This will be the rare magnanimous experience. This will eventually result in the realization of oneness.

There is only an apparent, fictitious difference in bodies and minds. There are differences in colors and opinions. God is the same in all. All have the same common Atman. Ignore the false appearance and difference. Take the essence or reality.

God alone is real. The divine life that throbs in every atom of the universe dwells also in the hearts of all human beings. Realize that the whole human race is one. Break up ruthlessly all illusory barriers that separate man from man. Understand that the fundamental principles underlying all religions are the same.

Feel your oneness with all. Feel your oneness with the sun, the sky, the wind, flower, tree, buds, animals, stones, rivers and ocean. Realize the oneness of life, the unity of consciousness. Behold the one homogeneous Self—everywhere, in all beings, in all animals, in all plants.

Realize your unity with all human beings, animals, plants and rocks. Mix with all. All races, all religions, all nationalities—all belong to you. You belong to them. Unite with them.

Realize first your unity with all the members of your family, then with all the members of your district, then with all the members of your province, then the whole nation, then with all the people of the whole world. If you have succeeded in this attempt, then, only, you can realize your unity or oneness with God.

Whatever you see is God. Whatever you hear is God. Whatever you taste is God. Whatever you smell is God. Whatever you feel is God.

Have a synthetic cosmic vision. Behold the unity in diversity. Break the barriers or dividing walls through discrimination, enquiry and wisdom. Acquire the spiritual vision of oneness or unity. Soar high in the realm of eternal bliss.

Feel the divine presence in all creations. Be friendly with all. Love all. Be kind to all. Cultivate universal love. Destroy all barriers that separate man from man. Expand. Mix with all. Give up superiority complex. Put a stop to wrong and injustice. Develop a pure conscience. Disseminate knowledge, happiness and peace among all people. Practice truthfulness and righteousness.

O nectar’s child, behold the one homogeneous Self in all. Serve all with the love of God. Melt all illusory differences. Annihilate separateness. Destroy all unreasonable dislikes or prejudices. Mix with all. Include all. Embrace all. Share what you have with all.

Transcend duality. Break the veils. Tear the sheaths. Rest in oneness now, my dear child. Do not entertain unkind thoughts. Do not speak unkind words. Pull out all walls that separate you from others. If you see difference, there is absence of love. Feel your presence in the tree, stone, sun, moon, stars, animals, all people. All is Self. All is One. The whole world is your body. Feel this. Feel your oneness with all life.

By H. H. Sri Swami Sivananda, courtesy of the Divine Life Society