Sri Guru Gita is a Sanskrit hymn, that illuminates the mystical relationship between a Satguru and a disciple. This divine dialogue takes place between Lord Shiva (the primordial Guru) and Goddess Parvati (his consort and Shakti, creative power) on Mount Kailash. Parvati, surprised to see Shiva prostrating to a Satguru, asks Shiva to explain this devotion and his humility. Lord Shiva explains that the Guru is a realized, perfected soul—one who has merged with the Supreme—in essence Guru, God and the inner Self are one. The Guru’s life is full of dedication and selfless service. It is the Guru who illuminates the spiritual path, removes the darkness and teaches one how to know God.

Lord Shiva’s reply is comprised of 182 slokas and is known as Sri Guru Gita, a part of the Skandha Purana. According to the ancient Sastras, a Satguru is one who has been appointed by the Supreme Power to make one realize the guru within and to teach the disciple that the Supreme Power dwells in each one. By chanting the Guru Gita, filled with the praises and glories of the Satguru, a disciple draws the grace and blessings of his or her Guru.

A few weeks ago, we featured an article on “Sri Guru Gita” and a link to purchase the CD/DVD set. The hard copies sold out, so now we’re making a digital download available. The package includes the full Gita (in Sanskrit & English), the video (selected verses), and a PDF booklet of “Sri Guru Gita.” If you purchased the hard copy, the link to find the verses no longer works, but you can email us and we can give you a new link plus access to the digital audio (mp3).

This DVD is a music video rendition of selected verses from Sri Guru Gita sung with a backdrop of beautiful footage filmed in India and Satchidananda Ashram, along with photos of Satgurus, sages and saints of India. The CD is an audio track of the DVD and each has the verses in both Sanskrit and English. The DVD features subtitled verses so you can follow along.