SHE RECOVERS ® Yoga will offer their Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Designation Program taught by Taryn Strong in 2023. You can join the waitlist for an upcoming training here. During the training, you will gain the tools and knowledge to confidently hold space for transformation, teach trauma-informed Yoga, and use empowering and inviting language and cues paramount when teaching women in recovery.

You will also be able to explore neuroscience, trauma theory, intergenerational trauma, the similarities between Yoga & Ayurvedic philosophy and certain recovery modalities, chakra healing, meditation, movements and breathwork, finding your voice, class structure, and so much more; all this informed by our SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding Principles (covering the many different pathways and patchworks of recovery).

SHE RECOVERS is so excited to share this training with all of you – trauma informed practices are needed more than ever. And we need you to join us as we share this beautiful modality with the recovery world. More info here.