In this recent Integral Yoga Podcast, Zac Parker talks about finding a life that reflects one’s values, the “selfish selflessness” of serving others, and learning to balance discipline and lightheartedness. Zac is in conversation with Avi Gordon, director of the Integral Yoga Teachers Association.

Zac has been teaching Yoga since 2014 and his teaching is a natural extension of his own practice. He approaches his teaching with a balanced blend of ease and focused awareness on the subtle sensations of Yoga practice.

Zac currently serves as the Online Programs Coordinator at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville, as well as regularly teaching a variety of Yoga classes. He holds a master’s degree in Anthropology.

Quotes from the Interview:

o “When you’re trying to produce good results in the world, to be clear-minded, to be balanced, to feel content within yourself is the place from which you can be most effective. Period. There’s just no question.”

o “It feels good to serve others. That’s an enjoyable activity. Not based on something you “should” do or even you could say “it’s right to do”. Simply because of the reward-feedback loop that’s created – that it feels good to serve others. It sounds paradoxical, it is paradoxical, but it can add to the contentment which you already have.”