Photo: Sandee N. Harilela Premchand with her Guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda at BR Int’l offices in Hong Kong, late 1980s.

Sandee N. Harilela Premchand (1948-2022), the managing editor of BR International magazine and a lifelong beloved devotee of Sri Gurudev Swami Satchidananda, passed away after a valiant battle with cancer. Sri Gurudev is the Guru of the Harilela family and he continually blesses and guides them and no doubt is guiding Sandee to the eternal peaceful abode.Thank you dear Sandee for teaching us how to love unconditionally. Your spirit will forever shine in our hearts and be a blessing to all.

Sandee is the Beloved Wife of John Premchand, Loving Mother of Roshan and Mother-in-Law to Michelle, Cherished Grandmother (Nana) of Ananda. Sandee was blessed to have a big loving family who adored her. John shared this beautiful video that he created as a tribute.

She was the youngest sister of the Harilela family: (late) George (late) Hari, (late) Peter, Bob, Gary, (late) Rani, and (late) Mohan and Arjun Hotwani; and sister-in-law to Chandra, Padma, Jyoti, Sushi, Kamal, Ram Hiranand, Kamilla. From the Premchand family, she was sister-in-law to: Indra and (late) Gobind, (late) Laltu and (late) Kishore, Ashok and Nancy, Maya and Hiro. She will be deeply missed by the Harilela and Premchand families, relatives and friends.

(Photo: Beloved Sandee with Sri Gurudev in the Harilela family temple, Hong Kong, early 1990s.)

Sandee and her family hosted Sri Gurudev on many occasions and for many decades in Hong Kong and around the globe, where he gave many talks and programs. As editor of BR International, Sandee included a column of Sri Gurudev’s teachings in every issue. Sandee was an incredible woman — kind, gentle and beautiful inside out. She will remain in the hearts of all who knew her.

Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville and Integral Yoga International extend our deepest condolences, love and blessings to John, Roshan, Michelle, Ananda, all the family and friends. We will ever cherish your memory dearest Sandee.














Our Angel in life and now an Angel in Heaven.
A beautiful soul, through and through
That’s the only way to describe you.
A great human being with so much to give
You taught us all how to love and live.
The moment we met, I knew from the start
You would have a special place in my heart.
You always had a kind word to say
Even if you were having a bad day.
And now it’s time to let you go
Even though it’s hard, at least I know
You are free and can finally rest
Just knowing you, I feel blessed.
Going to miss you, My Beautiful Sandee. Rest In Peace.

~ Maya Premchand Panjabi, 4/21/22