There are many good DVDs, online videos and Yoga studios either specializing in Yoga for children, or who include classes for children. Some offer weekend workshops for kids and also summer camps. We’ve highlighted some of the best programs in the USA, including Yogaville’s own Camp Yogaville.


Yoga for Children with Swami Satchidananda (DVD)

Primarily for children 5 to 13, but the whole family can join in for fun and fitness. Along with each pose, Swami Satchidananda gives a brief explanation of the physiological benefits. The DVD introduces children to Yoga and inspires continued practice. Yoga can be done alone or with friends. Even toddlers love to play along with the bigger kids on screen. Includes asanas, deep relaxation and chants.

Hatha Yoga for Kids by Kids
This is pure Hatha Yoga by young people living in Yogaville who take it seriously. The clear photographs will inspire children to try these asanas themselves. The text is simple and direct. The kids in this book are good at Hatha and have fun doing it. It is a book which will speak to your kids in their own language. Instructional photographs and simple text written by children introduce the basic, optional, and meditative poses of Integral Hatha Yoga.

Sri Swami Satchidananda Answers Kids’ Questions
In this delightful talk, children from the Yogaville summer camp ask questions about a wide range of children’s interests and concerns. Downloadable MP3.

Kidding Around Yoga (KAY)
Integral Yoga teacher Haris Harini Lender developed the wildly popular KAY program and she also runs KAY teacher training programs. The KAY DVD as well as the many KAY songs create a really fun and engaging way for children to learn Yoga.


Integral Yoga Institute of New York
The IYI offers ongoing programs for kids including satsangs and classes.

Mini Yogis studios:
Enlightening children throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, and the San Fernando Valley…now also in Chicago, Illinois!


Recreates traditional Yoga techniques and poses in fun and educational ways. Use the YogaKids teacher finder link.


Camp Yogaville

Camp Yogaville is a week-long, Integral Yoga, sleep-away summer camp for children ages 8-12 held each June. Camp is held at the beautiful Satchidananda Ashram at Yogaville, Buckingham, Virginia. The program is hosted by senior staff of Yogaville.

Camp Yogaville is Integral Yoga® for kids—a 2-week-long Yoga summer camp in the heart of Virginia for children ages 8 to 12 (they’re flexible!) It’s a great opportunity for kids to share and relate to one another in a yogic way.


KAY Yoga Camp
Haris Harini Lender, Integral Yoga teacher and founder of Kidding Around Yoga, as well as Camp Yogaville, also offers a summer camp for kids!