Photo: Sri Swamiji sitting with Woodstock co-creator Artie Lang (far left) and Michael (far right) before going onstage.

Woodstock co-creator, the legendary Michael Lang passed away on Saturday, Jan. 8th. At 24 years-old, Lang and good friend Artie Lang, a music industry promoter, met with businessmen John Roberts and Joel Rosenman to come up with a plan for a music and art festival in upstate New York to be held from August 15 to the 18th in 1969.

it was Lang’s desperate call to Peter Max to help find a way to resolve the escalating problem with the crowds at the festival site, that led to Max’s suggestion to have Swami Satchidananda open the festival to set a tone of peace and harmony. The rest is history…

You can read more about the story behind Swami Satchidananda becoming “The Woodstock Guru” in this article in Integral Yoga Magazine and in this Woodstock 50th commemorative here.

Rest in peace dear Michael, with love and gratitude for your being.