Hosted by the Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco, Swami Ramananda, Swami Divyananda, Kealoha DeLuz, and guest teacher Swami Vidyananda will teach the Integral Yoga® 300-hour Raja Yoga Teacher Training program. The program will be online and run in two parts from June 20th through October 21, 2024, with breaks between parts. This program was specially designed for Yoga teachers, Yoga Therapists and trainees, and health professionals. Enhance your Yoga teaching, therapeutic and personal practice with Raja Yoga – Online.

Raja Yoga is a guidebook to happiness, peace of mind and self-transformation. Raja Yoga is the foundation of all branches of Yoga, and brings Yoga into every aspect of your life. It is also the basis for understanding therapeutic applications of Yoga: how Yoga heals and enlightens. Raja Yoga provides a practical approach to health and balance in all aspects of life: physical, mental, social and spiritual. It proposes a pathway to relieve suffering, which is the goal of all the great wisdom traditions, and the practical goal of Yoga teaching and therapy.

Raja Yoga Teacher Training provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in these profound teachings and learn how to skillfully share them with others. All materials and recordings will be accessible for 3 months after graduation.

The curriculum

  • An in-depth exploration of the Yoga Sutras
  • Interactive discussion of how to incorporate the teachings into daily life
  • Exploration of Raja Yoga for therapeutic application
  • Opportunities to deepen your Hatha Yoga, pranayama and meditation practice
  • Guidance for teaching Raja Yoga workshops and a six-week Raja Yoga course
  • Guidance for incorporating Raja Yoga into Hatha Yoga classes
  • Coaching in public speaking; including preparation, delivery, and using Yoga to lessen presentation anxiety
  • Training in answering questions and leading discussions

Daily meditation practice for at least six months and a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification that includes an introductory Raja Yoga course.

More details and registration information can be found here.