Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 85-Hour Yoga Alliance RPYT Certification taught in New York by Beth Donnelly Cabán, Lara Kohn Thompson and Jenna “JB” Brown begins May 6, 2022. This training is sponsored by the Integral Yoga Institute of New York and prepares Yoga teachers to teach classes in Prenatal Yoga. The specialized prenatal practices help the students become aware of the changes of pregnancy and promote relaxation and suppleness. The Prenatal Yoga pranayama, chanting, and visualizations are powerful tools for the parent to attune to their baby and its needs.

An in-depth review of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor, and birth lays the foundation for understanding the myriad benefits of Hatha Yoga for pregnancy. Gain extensive experience with asanas well suited to pregnant individuals and a thorough acquaintance with contraindications during pregnancy. Discussions of the energy anatomy of pregnancy and birth will deepen your knowledge of the Integral Yoga prenatal practice.

The training will sensitize Yoga teachers to the profound physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transitions of pregnancy and birth and demonstrate how such techniques as chanting, pranayama, deep relaxation, and meditation can be effective ways of coping with these changes.

Integral Yoga Prenatal Teacher certification includes teaching a practicum. As the culmination of your training, you will have the opportunity to teach a complete Prenatal Yoga class with an evaluation and feedback from your trainers. More info and registration here.