Integral Yoga’s next Meditation Teacher Training will take place online beginning January 23, 2022. Develop a personal practice plan and emerge with the knowledge, skill, and confidence to teach a six-week course as well as meditation workshops. In a world that is so much in need of peace, meditation is a time-honored practice that will empower you and your students to discover the peace within.

Our experience of life is based on the condition of the mind, and meditation gives us the tools to understand and gain mastery over the mind and experience greater efficiency, harmony, and balance in life. Because of the connection between body and mind, our health improves as well. Ultimately, we are able to transcend the mind and realize our true nature; a state of supreme peace and joy—free of all sorrow, fear, and delusion.

The Meditation Teacher Training will show you how to deepen your own meditation practice and to guide others in establishing a practice of their own. Taught by Integral Yoga master teacher, Swami Divyananda. Learn more about this training program here.