Relax, recharge, and stay centered with this multilevel Hatha Yoga class offered by Swami Ramananda (filmed at the Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco).

Integral Yoga is a complete system developed by Swami Satchidananda to address all levels of the individual, with applications to all aspects of life, bringing about the opportunity for total integration, personal transformation, and spiritual realization. The Integral Yoga system includes principles and practices for people of various tastes, temperaments, beliefs and capacities.

The Integral Yoga methodology is comprised of a synthesis of six classical branches of Yoga, utilizing an integrative approach. The branches are: Hatha (Yoga postures and breathing, yogic diet, cleansing practices), Raja (lifestyle and philosophy offered by the eight limbs of Yoga), Japa (mantra meditation practice), Karma (selfless service), Bhakti (cultivating love, compassion, devotion), and Jnana Yoga (self-awareness and study of wisdom texts). The aim is to purify and calm the body and mind in order to experience the peace and joy that is our true nature. Integral Yoga practitioners bring that peace into the world by fostering interfaith harmony and leading service-oriented lives, dedicated to the highest good of all.

What Distinguishes the Integral Yoga Hatha Method?

  • The asanas have been carefully selected and ordered so as to bend and stretch the spine in every direction. The strength and flexibility of the spine, in turn, directly impacts the health of the entire body. Every bodily organ is nurtured by the electrical energy that flows to it along nerves that emanate from the spine.
  • The class systematically leads you from the physical, to the vital, to the mental level, and ultimately leads to an experience of the peace that is your true nature. Each class incorporates postures, deep relaxation, breathing practices, and meditation.
  • There is a balance between effort and surrender, enabling the practitioner to discover the optimal flow of energy to achieve greater flexibility, strength, poise, and mental focus. Postures are performed to their own capacity with focused awareness, carefully observing the benefits and effects.
  • There are classes for students of all ages and conditions. Students are encouraged to proceed at their own pace in a non-competitive atmosphere.

The Integral Yoga Hatha method was designed to draw the practitioner into a physical and mental stillness that leads to an experience of one’s true nature—peace and happiness.