Integral Yoga® Therapy Certification

The Integral Yoga Therapy Certification offers a special path to a career in Yoga therapy. Our program combines the time-honored heritage of a classical yoga lineage with adapted practices for contemporary times. Through these roots to the classical teachings, our therapists will receive a well-rounded and deep training that touches the essence of Yoga, and provides skills for modern application.

The international nature of Integral Yoga, it’s stature, and size, allow for potential trainees to feel confident that they are joining a global community of Integral Yogis who work together in supporting and uplifting each other. 

Students will be able to study with our esteemed faculty in a variety of settings: a traditional Yoga ashram, and urban ashrams/city centers. Our faculty also have a long history with providing Yoga therapy, and many are pioneers in the field. Their programs are well established, and offer opportunities for thorough training, practical experience, as well as future employment.

Integral Yoga, as an organization, is a pioneering force in the field of Yoga therapy. The work of Dean Ornish, M.D., which applied the teachings of Integral Yoga for reversing heart disease, is a great example of the power of these teachings for healing. We are committed to training the next generation of Integral Yoga Therapists to continue to build on this powerful legacy.

Students enter the program in one of two cohorts each year. Applications are accepted until July 1 and February 1 annually. Applicants will learn of acceptance within one month after each closing date.

For more information please contact your preferred center:

IYI New York: [email protected]
IYI San Francisco: [email protected]
Yogaville Virginia: [email protected]

Program Details



  • 200-hour Yoga Alliance-registered certification or equivalent yoga training
  • A minimum of one year teaching experience

Program curriculum

The 800-hour program is made up of 650 hours of training, which is offered is a series of separate modules, and 150 hours of Practicum yoga therapy practice


Required modules

  • Adaptive Yoga
    (This is one of the two modules that must be taken first)
  • Raja Yoga
    (This is one of the two modules that must be taken first)
  • Stress Management
  • Healing Relationships
  • Restorative Asana
  • Foundations of Integral Yoga Therapy

    Required modules (continued)

    • Basics of Ayurveda
    • The Human Body: Ease and Dis-ease
    • Psychology and Mental Health

    Elective modules

    At least 1 required. Hours are beyond the 800.

    • Yoga for the Special Child
    • Yoga of the Heart
    • Yoga Therapy in Cancer and Chronic Illness
    • Yoga for Arthritis
    • Yoga for Recovery
    • LifeForce Yoga


    • Integration Module
    • Practicum
    • Practicum Cohort Learning Groups

    Training Locations

    San Francisco
    New York