Integral Yoga Distribution announced its closing after 37 years in its Yogaville location. It closed on August 2, 2022. It first opened in the original brick house (now Lotus Conference Center) on the property. Then, it moved to the Yogaville Office Building for some time until a brand new building was completed.

Another large expansion of the building and the business ensued and IYD became a major wholesaler of Yoga books, props and gift items, also supplying Whole Food stores on the East Coast with Yoga and spiritual books.

Photo: Swami Satchidananda visits the first location of IYD in Yogaville, 1985.

Over the years, IYD employed many ashram and community members, as well as local neighbors. Until… the rise of eBooks, Amazon, and other online book retailers and the death knell was the pandemic, which saw the closing of many books stores,






Yoga studios, along with the many guests who frequented IYD during programs & trainings they took at Yogaville. Such dedicated service by so many including Ganesh & Snehan who managed IYD, along with Chandra, Sundari, Sumati, Purusha, Paraman and others. Thank you all for your service and spirit!

Photo: Swami Satchidananda is greeted by IYD staff (many of whom were his students) during his visit to the new IYD building, 1990s.