Nothing is going to make you always happy. That’s what the Mother Nature teaches. She says, “You are running after me for happiness; stop running.” Sometimes we hear people saying, “I’ve run and run and run and now I’m tired of running. I’m going to stop.” If that point comes to you in your life I say that you are the happiest person. Why? Because you won’t run after anything anymore. The only place to run is within. That’s what all the philosophies, all the religions, all the sages and prophets say. They all say: Know yourself. You yourself are happy. You yourself are peaceful. Find the peace within you. Don’t try to get it from outside. If you find peace outside yourself, that’s a borrowed peace, a borrowed happiness. So look within.

What does the name God say? The English term for God is spelled: G-o-d. It is telling us: Go-deep; not go-out. In the Tamil language, the South Indian language, God’s name is “Kadavul.” It means: Get within. The very name says that if you want God, get within. That’s also what the Bible tells you: God has made everybody in God’s image. Even though the people who wrote the Bible said, “God made man in His own image.” If a women wrote the Bible, what would she say? “God made woman in Her own image.

Let’s realize that everything is God’s image, created by God. Even if you don’t want to believe in God, you can believe in science. What do the scientists say? Everything is made out of atoms. All that you see moving, not moving, visible, and invisible is made of atoms. The Bible says that everything is made of “Adam.” That’s the only difference. It says Adam, scientists say “atoms.” So there is a common element in us all. Find that atom within you and once you have seen that atom within you, you will be able to see the same atom in everybody. Or in other words, once you have seen the divine in you, you will see the divine in everybody.

Sometimes Mother Nature or God—the Cosmic Consciousness—teaches us in a hard way. In a way, the easy way doesn’t stay long. Lessons learned the hard way stay longer. Then, you have earned the knowledge and you appreciate it more. So, keep the lesson to go within. And once you have found the peace in you, you will find peace everywhere. By keeping this lesson, you can look forward to a bright future.

By Sri Swami Satchidananda