All the knowledge and wisdom is available to us in this world. The world is a university without walls. If you become a good student, any time you feel a need to know something, the answer will appear. In the early days when I would give talks, I used to wonder, Where did that answer I just gave come from? I never studied about the problem nor have I ever heard these answers. So from where did they come? They came from the universal mind, which is waiting there for you to tap into it. When you need something, it comes to you in a whisper. That means that everything is there already. Of course, until you are able to keep the mind clear, you have to learn everything, one piece of information at a time. This is what is meant by the well-known biblical teaching: “Seek the kingdom of God first.” Then what happens? “Everything else will be added unto you.” That everything else includes psychology, physiology, gemology and all other “ologies”—whatever they are, they will be added unto you.

To keep the mind clean and clear is the most difficult thing because the mind is like a kind of sensitive film. It constantly picks things up. Every time you open any of your ports—the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth—you see, hear, smell, or taste something and you want it. All those ports are camera lenses. The mind is coated with a sensitivity like the sensitivity of camera film. Those who are sensitive will catch everything.  So, if you want a calm mind, brush away your sensitivity, and if you cannot do that, expose it to the light. Then it becomes useless film. It won’t attract any image.

But that is where the analogy stops. It’s at that point when the mind is calm, clear, and balanced that the it becomes a true mirror. It reflects everything. That is the essence of Yoga as sage Patanjali tell us in the sutra, “Chitta vritti nirodha.” That means, Yoga is the control of the modifications or thought waves in the mind. That’s why the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are known as psychology par excellence.

Someone said that psychology is an offshoot of philosophy; that it comes from philosophy. Then what is philosophy? Philo is a Greek word that means love of knowledge. That means you should have developed the love of gaining knowledge. Then what is knowledge? Anything that has no ledge, is knowledge! There is no ledge, no limit. Know the Knower, see the Seer. The ancient scriptures say, Hear the hearer, see the Seer. That means, know the person who wants to know everything. When you say, I’m hungry, ask yourself, Who is hungry? When you say, I am angry, who is angry? When you say, I want it,  ask, Who wants it? When you say, I did it, ask, who is that I, I, I? That “I” is the source of everything. That I” must be experienced. Mere understanding is not enough. One has to experience it, and live in that experience. Then, there is nothing to be worried about. That’s the ultimate goal.

By Sri Swami Satchidananda