YogaKids International, the premier Yoga program for children, has developed the Tools for Schools program to bring the age-old practice of Yoga into the modern-day classroom. The YogaKids Tools for Schools program allows K-5 students to encounter Yoga and its many benefits in a fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate manner. The program successfully integrates across all K-5 curricula, and does not require either you or your students to have any background in Yoga.

YogaKids Tools for Schools is a comprehensive program using Yoga, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory, curriculum integration techniques and character education to accomplish its mission.

o Yoga: Students will practice breathing techniques, poses, games, activities, relaxation, and visualization.
o Multiple Intelligences Theory: The program allows all students to flourish by honoring their individual learning styles.
o Curriculum Integration: All basic curriculum areas are addressed, as well as classroom management, test preparation, fitness, and environmental and multicultural education.
o Character Education: Yoga is traditionally associated with the development of positive traits such as confidence, compassion, respect, tolerance, patience, and nonviolence. The YogaKids Tools for Schools program brings the character education aspects of yoga into the foreground.

Goal: Management of Students’ Classroom Behavior, Energy, and Attention


o Equip students with simple behavior management strategies.
o Equip teachers with peaceful strategies for managing classroom behavior.
o Revitalize students when energy is sluggish.
o Provide yoga “Desk Breaks” to improve focus and attention.
o Create appropriate outlets for excessive energy and emotional overload.

Benefits: Imagine… Walking into a classroom full of students. Many are fidgeting, and some are slumped over their desks, while others are staring off into space. “Take 5,” their teacher announces. All at once, the children take a deep breath for 5 seconds and release their breath over 5 seconds. The teacher says, “Let’s do Tree pose,” and for the next 30 seconds, the students stand at their desks, take a moment to focus straight ahead, and lift one leg and both arms into the pose. Their teacher walks them through the pose, using a yoga Pose Card as a guide. The students sit back at their desks – calmer, more alert, and focused. Even their postures look better!