Satchidananda Jothi Niketan International School (SJN) was founded by Sri Swami Satchidananda in1994. SJN is a fully residential, CBSE co-ed school located at Kallar, at the foothills of the Nilgiris. The campus is spread over a sprawling acreage and creates a serene environment that is conducive to learning. The school is enveloped by natural environs of the Western Ghats and therefore, is a home to a variety of flora and fauna. This has created an environment quite unique to the school, for children spending the best of their formative years in the manner they should—amidst nature.

As the managing trustee, Sri K. Ramasamy explains: “Satchidananda Jothi Niketan is Swamiji’s brainchild. He envisioned building a school that would create true global citizens who are not only empowered by adequate knowledge but also carry with them, a sound value system. He always emphasized that the growth of a child had to include and stimulate intellectual, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical growth. At Satchidananda Jothi Niketan, this is what we strive to achieve. Today, we stand proud as an institution and have watched batch after batch of students graduate from these portals and become discerning citizens of the world. That is why our focus is not on academic excellence alone but rather on creating sound value systems. Our teaching faculty and support staff are the edifice of this institution. Under their love, guidance and 24-hour care, our students blossom into individuals who become positive contributors to the world.”

SJN is today one of the most respected and renowned schools in the region. Its ideals are secular and ample emphasis is given to embracing the rich and diverse traditions and value heritage of our country.

The future of our country and the world depends on children. And as adults, it is our responsibility to mold them, give them direction, sound moral values and a proper education environment. That is why we need good educational institutions with eminent teachers and superior facilities. This is how we can prepare our young people to become better citizens who in turn will build a better world. ~Swami Satchidananda