Integral Yogi Kalyani Verma shares some wonderful stretches and relaxation techniques in this 10 minute video. Kalyani lives in the UK and is the daughter of Siva and Gnanam Pillai, longtime devotees of Swami Satchidananda. Her parents first met Sri Swamiji in Sri Lanka and later moved to London, where they often hosted their Guru and organized talks for him there. Kalyani grew up in London and her life was filled with her Tamil tradition, including going to temples and spending time with Sri Swamiji.

Only many years later, after marrying and raising a family of her own, did she decide to further explore Yoga and Sri Swamiji’s teachings. She became a Yoga teacher and she shared her own Yoga journey in a recent Integral Yoga Magazine article. Enjoy this video practice led by Kalyani.