In The Centered Heart, Susi Amendola, C-IAYT, 500-ERYT, Yoga therapist, stress management expert and senior trainer for Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, navigates the intricate relationship between stress management and overall health. She invites readers into transformative experience with the ancient and time-tested somatic practices of Yoga that have been shown to improve cardiac outcomes as well as outcomes from many of the chronic diseases that plague our society.

Stress is often the first domino in chronic illness and disease. Too often, however, doctors have little training or information to offer patients about managing stress. Developing a daily stress management practice that includes gentle movements, breathing, relaxation, meditation, imagery, compassion, and a connection to nature gradually shifts awareness to an internal locus of control. Practitioners will feel better, connect with their innate inner wisdom, and come to understand that through lifestyle choices they control they can be their own first line of intervention.

While we may not be able to affect what is happening around us, with the wisdom and insights offered in The Centered Heart, we can make a difference in the quality of our own lives, change the way we react to stress, calm our hearts, and reclaim our health.

Amendola explained, “This book is the culmination of what I have compiled through my suffering, my studies, and ultimately my own triumph in my journey back to health. It is what I have learned through the authenticity and openness that others have shared with me during their own sojourn to healing. May this be an inspiration and a blessing. May we all stress less and uncover the calm within us.”

For thousands of years yogis have known the power of the breath, the medicine of meditation, the vitality giving possibilities of relaxation. Now with modern sciences and advancements in technology, we can measure those things. The Centered Heart offers hope and help. By using seven evidence- based, mind- body practices, you can begin to embody your awareness, change your mindset, calm your nervous system, and center your heart. You can create a different way of being with just a few simple practices. A way of being that, in time, changes the course of your life and health.

You can learn more about the book and hear excerpts in this video by Amendola that she shared during an online virtual book launch.

“I have worked with Susi Amendola for 30 years. Her dedication, skill, and love have mentored hundreds of participants as well as many teams of health professionals in our lifestyle medicine program. This inspiring book guides the reader through their healing process with empathy, warmth and wisdom and will be of service whether you are at the beginning of your healing journey or if you have a seasoned yoga practice.” ~Dean Ornish, MD

About Susi Amendola:

Susi Amendola, C-IAYT, 500-ERYT, is an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist who brings over 40 years of experience utilizing Yoga and lifestyle practices to help others heal. In 1983 she founded Yoga Now in Omaha, Nebraska where she currently teaches classes and directs the annual 200-Hour Yoga Certification program. Susi has developed yoga-based stress management programs for schools, businesses, and hospitals throughout the country. Presently, Susi is a National Senior Trainer of Stress Management for the prestigious Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program for reversing heart disease. The program includes Yoga as part of a multi-dimensional approach to healing, and is covered by Medicare under the guidelines of Intensive Cardiac Rehab. Susi has contributed over 150 articles to Ornish Living Magazine, an online publication to support those who are making lifestyle changes to improve their health and well-being, with an audience of over a million subscribers. With her expertise in both the ancient practices of Yoga and the medical world, Susi’s teachings and classes are unlike anything else you will find. Her teaching style is heart-centered, nurturing, practical, and empowering. She continues to practice, teach and inspire others to listen deeply to the healer within.